Friday, May 22, 2020

7 Day Trading Card Challenge: Day One

When browsing the Blogosphere yesterday, I came across a fun idea from Tim at Cardpocalypse

I'll do my best to pump these out as quickly as possible but seven posts in seven days will be a stretch  for me so I'll be going at my own pace. The good news is I've already picked out a card for each post!

Today's Challenge: Favorite card acquired during quarantine

Like so many of us I've been really active with collecting over the past two months. Picking just one card out of the many that I've acquired was a challenge. I'm going with the "flavor of the week" approach here: I purchased this card about a week ago and it's been setting out on my desk for me to look at since - which is a funny little habit I have when it comes to cards. When I buy a card that I really love, I let it sit on my desk for a few weeks before putting away in storage. I don't display my collection anywhere in the house so this my way of giving my favorite cards some admiration. Most PC pickups go straight into storage and only the luck ones make it on the desk.

Stephen Curry - 2019-20 Donruss Optic Holo Parallel

There's been a total hysteria around basketball cardboard this season, and buying basketball packs or boxes is basically an afterthought. Donruss Optic is probably the second "hottest" product offering during basketball season. The big chase was for rookies of course - but pricing inflated across the board, especially LeBron. Then came The Last Dance and MJ cards blew up. During all the madness (which is still going) I've felt that Steph Curry has really flown under the radar. A year or two ago, Steph was that dude. An ankle injury knocked him out for essentially the entire 19-20 season, and the Warriors were the worst team in the NBA (worse than the Knicks!) so Steph was absent from headlines.

I'm not a Warriors fan and I'm not necessarily a Steph Curry fan. Just wanted to add a cool card to my collection. For the price of a blaster, I've a got a sweet parallel of one of the NBA's top five players. 

Thanks to Tim for the idea. 


  1. Anytime you can add a silver holo/prizm of a top guy it's a good thing! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the cards you picked at whatever pace works for you.

  2. I'm not a Steph Curry fan (I liked his dad though), but that sure is a pretty card!

  3. Very nice Steph Curry card!