Sunday, January 12, 2020

Ripping 2 Jumbo Packs of 2019-20 Panini NBA Hoops

Each time I'm near a Target or Walmart, I still make a point to swing through to check for Prizm. There weeks ago I found two blasters of Prizm at Target but I've had no luck since. If I recall correctly, there were several blasters there that day and I'm starting to regret not grabbing more.

With my recent shortcomings at finding more Prizm, I decided to settle for some NBA Hoops.

Pack one highlights:

Each pack had several rookies, and I'm excited that the RJ base made an appearance. I imagine this picture was taken during some kind of photo shoot. Gesturing to your make-believe teammates to set a screen for you in a photoshoot is a weird thing to do... but I guess it comes natural to RJ. Also making an appearance is Coby White who could be one of the best rookies in this class.

Both of my backs contained a teal explosion parallell, so I'm going to assume these fall one per jumbo pack. Jarrell Brantley was the 50th overall pick out of the College of Charleston. By no means a household name, but at least it's a rookie to stash away.

Likely the best pull of the pack, Ja Morant base card. Not Zion, but a nice consolation prize.

On to pack two:

Barrett makes another appearance, this time on the Tribute base card. Jaxson Hayes shows up as well. I'm high on him as well. He has the athleticism to be the best big man in the draft.

This pack's teal explosion was... extremely underwhelming. 

However, I was lucky to pull a orange explosion of Jazz legend John Stockton. It's tough to see, but if you look closely near John's right bicep, you'll notice this card is serial numbered #/25. Orange can be a tough color for parallels, but somehow this looks pretty sweet. I think it's the 90's design paired with the 90's player. A worthy tribute to Stockton. Well done, Panini.

So for two jumbo packs, this turned out pretty well. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on landing that Stockton! I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for that one, and any other parallels of that particular card.

  2. Nice Stockton! That sunburst (or whatever it's called) is a welcome change from the same old prizm/refractor designs.

  3. The Retro Hoops sure do bring back memeories of busting Hoops like crazy back in the day. My favorite Hoops card ever pulled.... 91/92 Larry "Grandmama" Johnson RC.

  4. Pretty solid rip and I have seen this product do pretty well this year. I have yet to grab any but plan to.