Monday, December 2, 2019

Mini Mistake

Have you ever been shopping for clothes in a hurry an accidentally grabbed a Youth size when you meant to get an adult size? I'll admit it. I have. More than once in fact! And apparently, I'm prone to same mistake when it comes to baseball cards.

One type of card that I seek to collect - maybe more than any other - is Pirates gold refractors. They're so pretty.

I went hunting online the other day seeing if any new gold refractors had turned up on eBay for a decent price. Then I came across this:

I mean WOW! That gold background really pops with this card. Numbered #50/50 (eBay 1/1!). I had to have it.

Keller is the Pirates top pitching prospect, and one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. He pitched 11 games in the bigs this year and he was... brutal. There were flashes but overall... brutal. Which makes for a great buy-low! And I've been doing a lot of that with him.

I was absolutely pumped to get this card for a good price. But when it showed up in my mailbox...

It shrunk! 

Yep, I accidentally purchased a mini. I have no problems at all with minis, but they're just not for me. I prefer full-sized cards. It was right in the title of the listing too, so shame on me. 

Either way it makes a nice addition to the PC.

How do you feel about minis? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Indifferent?


  1. I don't mind them, though I rarely buy any. I don't ever go clothes shopping, so I can't say that I've ever accidentally bought any children's clothes either, in fact I don't think that I've ever even heard of someone doing that before :)

  2. Haha Haha! Thats hilarious. I did that once with a Jurassic Park t-shirt I wanted. Got it and was like welp...thats not gonna fit.