Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Random Card Post: 1988 Score Phil Niekro

Posting about Tim Wakefield last week got me thinking about other knuckleballers in the MLB, so here's a random post to honor the greatest knuckleballer of all time. 

Nothing to see here, just a 48 year old, then-active player on a baseball card...

1988 Score Phil Niekro

"It's like watching Mario Andretti park a car" 
-Ralph Kiner, after watching Niekro's knuckleball.

"Trying to hit that thing is a miserable way to make a living"
-Pete Rose

"Niekro struck out a hitter once and I never touched the ball. It hit me in the shinguard, bounced out to Clete Boyer at third base and he threw the runner out at first. Talk about a weird assist; 2-5-3 on a strikeout."
-Bob Uecker, one of his many catchers.


  1. Love those quotes about Niekro!

  2. Hahaha on those quotes. No offense to Phil but he looks 68 on that card, not 48.